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Hostmerch Customer Agreement

This Agreement contains the main terms and conditions for customers of Asia Cloud Developers Company, who accepted the given agreement for provision of hosting services. The Agreement defines terms and conditions of provision services and rights of parties.
1. Terms of services

1.1 The number of services available for provision (time frameworks of service provision requested by the Client) depends on volume of amount spent for prepaid expense. When the volume of paid services comes to an end, all information of the client stored and hosted on the servers of the Company will be deleted.

2. Service Assessment

2.2 According to the results, level of services guaranteed by the Company will be not less than 99.9%. It means that inaccessibility of the service during a year can be no more than 9 hours. This meaning does not include unavailable service that is under scheduled technical servicing directed to modernise software and hardware or other equipment. The Company notify all clients about scheduled technical servicing in advance by e-mail. Monitoring of server hardware and software is a constant full-time process.

3. Technical and informational support

3.1. Consultation of clients and informational support means a transmission of information about concrete services of the Company, existing tariffs, and terms of processing clients' requests about domain zones and names.

3.2. The given way of support can be performed via phone numbers, online chat, e-mails or a feedback form.

3.3. An answer for the question or a solution to any question requested by online chat can be performed no more than by 10 minutes. Difficult cases can be solved due to level of difficulty of the problem. In this case, the Client will be notified about a solution or an answer via e-mail within 24 hours.

3.4. Technical support is available 24/7 without day offs. Technical support via e-mail is in p3.3. If a question sent to support service is not under this authority, the question will be redirected to a certain department.

3.5. Terms of solution of questions by support service:

  • Critical questions - no more than 12 hours;
  • Insignificant problems not affecting functioning of services - up to 5 working days;
  • Emergency situations connected with software and hardware - up to 72 hours.

3.6. The company does bear responsibility for problems connected with channels given by third parties.

4. Terms of response

4.1. If hardware or software breaks down, the problems will be solved no more than by 6 hours from the moment of it appear. 

5. Technical terms

5.1. All technical services scheduled in advance are performed in time of the lowest activity of users on Internet;

5.2. Temporary inaccessibility or limited access to servers can appear during technical servicing. The Company notifies the Client a day before about scheduled technical servicing.

5.3. The Company reserves the right to perform emergency technical services without any notification in case if recovery of options and system is required by emergency situation.

6. Compensation

6.1. If services of the Company are unavailable from the Company's side, the Client receives compensation.

6.2. Compensation is calculated for:

  • temporary breaks of service provision for less than an hour which appear systematically. Six or more breaks during a day are compensated by the company for amount of service cost for one day in accordance with selected tariff. If breaks are not solved, the Client receives compensation for each day of breaks.
  • breaking of service provision for more than six hours (one time or for a day totally), the Client receives the same amount calculated by tariffs.
  • lost of Client's information or data recovery (with absence of reserve copies) if this situation is due to hacker attacks on the servers of the Company  or if the information was lost by Company's workers, the Client receives compensation for amount of service cost (basing on tariff).

Company's responsibility is limited in 100% of cases by cost of services for a day or a month.

Compensation is provided in form of provision of services.

6.3. To receive compensation the Client should send a request not later than 30 days after the situation appears. The request can be sent in Contact us application or via e-mail.

Compensation is calculated on the next day after the request.

6.4. Compensation is not provided if:

  • services are provided in form of testing services;
  • services are unavailable due to breech of the Agreement by the Client;
  • DDOS-attacks or nature force-majeure are reasons of service inaccessibility;
  • web site was hacked from third parties from the Client's side or the information was spread among third parties by the Client or Client's data were stolen from PC or any other device to which the Company has no access;
  • software damages;
  • problems appeared outside of Company's responsibility (problems with connected channels of providers or with data centres).
7. Force Majeure

7.1. Company is free of responsibility for non-completion of conditions of this Agreement and services between the Client and the Company in case of force majeure situations: unexpected global situations hard to foresee; nature force majeure - tornados, flood, volcanoes, economic disaster, unexpected aggression, wars, terrorist attacks. 

8. Terms of content placement

8.1 All services provided by Hostmerch must be used only for legal purposes and must not contradict German law.

No placement:

1. Pornographic sites, webcam sites, sites offering escort services, sites with erotic articles. This category also includes sites that promote the dissemination of pornography - sites with links to pornographic resources;

2. Sites for the sale of accounts (social networks, online games, email accounts, etc);

3. Phishing sites;

4. Carding services;

5. Network scanners;

6. Scripts for sending spam, advertising spam services;

7. Sites and forums dedicated to hacking;

8. Sites that advertise illegal activities;

9. Programs for the selection of passwords, keylogers;

10. Any scripts that download information from third-party resources;

11. Sites spreading smoking mixtures, narcotic substances and marijuana seeds, or sites advertising such activities;

12. Propaganda and extremist sites.

In case of violation of the conditions of placement, the account will be blocked without prior warning!

9. Agreement cancellation

9.1. Given Agreement between the Company and the Client can be cancelled by a common opinion of both parties via e-mail, phone or other methods of communication and signing the cancellation.

9.2. The Agreement between the Company and the Client can be cancelled by the Company due to breech of conditions of this Agreement by the Client.

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  • 2Aland Islands
  • 3Albania
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  • 5American Samoa
  • 6Andorra
  • 7Angola
  • 8Anguilla
  • 10Antigua and Barbuda
  • 11Argentina
  • 12Armenia
  • 13Aruba
  • 14Australia
  • 15Austria
  • 16Azerbaijan
  • 17Bahamas
  • 18Bahrain
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  • 35Burkina Faso
  • 36Burundi
  • 37Cambodia
  • 38Cameroon
  • 39Canada
  • 40Cape Verde
  • 41Cayman Islands
  • 42Central African Republic
  • 43Chad
  • 44Chile
  • 45China
  • 46Christmas Island
  • 47Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • 48Colombia
  • 49Comoros
  • 50Congo
  • 51Congo, Dem. Republic
  • 52Cook Islands
  • 53Costa Rica
  • 54Cote Divoire
  • 55Croatia
  • 56Cuba
  • 57Cyprus
  • 58Czech Rep.
  • 59Denmark
  • 60Djibouti
  • 61Dominica
  • 62Dominican Republic
  • 63Ecuador
  • 64Egypt
  • 65El Salvador
  • 66Equatorial Guinea
  • 67Eritrea
  • 68Estonia
  • 69Ethiopia
  • 70Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
  • 71Faroe Islands
  • 72Fiji
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  • 87Guadeloupe
  • 88Guam
  • 89Guatemala
  • 90Guernsey
  • 91Guinea
  • 92Guinea Bissau
  • 93Guyana
  • 94Haiti
  • 95Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • 96Holy See (vatican City State)
  • 97Honduras
  • 98Hong Kong
  • 99Hungary
  • 100Iceland
  • 101India
  • 102Indonesia
  • 103Iran
  • 104Iraq
  • 105Ireland
  • 106Isle of Man
  • 107Israel
  • 108Italy
  • 109Jamaica
  • 110Japan
  • 111Jersey
  • 112Jordan
  • 113Kazakhstan
  • 114Kenya
  • 115Kiribati
  • 116Korea-North
  • 117Korea-South
  • 118Kuwait
  • 119Kyrgyzstan
  • 120Laos
  • 121Latvia
  • 122Lebanon
  • 123Lesotho
  • 124Liberia
  • 125Libya
  • 126Liechtenstein
  • 127Lithuania
  • 128Luxembourg
  • 129Macau
  • 130Macedonia
  • 131Madagascar
  • 132Malawi
  • 133Malaysia
  • 134Maldives
  • 135Mali
  • 136Malta
  • 137Marshall Islands
  • 138Martinique (French)
  • 139Mauritania
  • 140Mauritius
  • 141Mayotte
  • 142Mexico
  • 143Micronesia
  • 144Moldova
  • 145Monaco
  • 146Mongolia
  • 147Montenegro
  • 148Montserrat
  • 149Morocco
  • 150Mozambique
  • 151Myanmar
  • 152Namibia
  • 153Nauru
  • 154Nepal
  • 155Netherlands
  • 156Netherlands Antilles
  • 157New Caledonia (French)
  • 158New Zealand
  • 159Nicaragua
  • 160Niger
  • 161Nigeria
  • 162Niue
  • 163Norfolk Island
  • 164Northern Mariana Islands
  • 165Norway
  • 166Oman
  • 167Pakistan
  • 168Palau
  • 169Palestinian Territory, Occupied
  • 170Panama
  • 171Papua New Guinea
  • 172Paraguay
  • 173Peru
  • 174Philippines
  • 175Pitcairn Island
  • 176Poland
  • 177Portugal
  • 178Puerto Rico
  • 179Qatar
  • 180Reunion (French)
  • 181Romania
  • 182Russian Federation
  • 183Rwanda
  • 184Saint Barthelemy
  • 185Saint Helena
  • 186Saint Kitts & Nevis Anguilla
  • 187Saint Lucia
  • 188Saint Martin
  • 189Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • 190Saint Vincent & Grenadines
  • 191Samoa
  • 192San Marino
  • 193Sao Tome and Principe
  • 194Saudi Arabia
  • 195Senegal
  • 196Serbia
  • 197Seychelles
  • 198Sierra Leone
  • 199Singapore
  • 200Slovakia
  • 201Slovenia
  • 202Solomon Islands
  • 203Somalia
  • 204South Africa
  • 205South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
  • 206Spain
  • 207Sri Lanka
  • 208Sudan
  • 209Suriname
  • 210Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
  • 211Swaziland
  • 212Sweden
  • 213Switzerland
  • 214Syria
  • 215Taiwan
  • 216Tajikistan
  • 217Tanzania
  • 218Thailand
  • 219Timor-leste
  • 220Togo
  • 221Tokelau
  • 222Tonga
  • 223Trinidad and Tobago
  • 224Tunisia
  • 225Turkey
  • 226Turkmenistan
  • 227Turks and Caicos Islands
  • 228Tuvalu
  • 232U.K.
  • 229Uganda
  • 230Ukraine
  • 231United Arab Emirates
  • 235Uruguay
  • 233USA
  • 234USA Minor Outlying Islands
  • 236Uzbekistan
  • 237Vanuatu
  • 238Venezuela
  • 239Vietnam
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